Lyndgaard Media
A newly started company working with journalism, PR and communications
Business Case

Lyndgaard Media is a Copenhagen-based, one woman company. The founder was starting out on her own after years of a successful career in tv and print journalism.

The Challenge

Having an out of date two screen business card like website, an entire redesign was needed. It should showcase her previous work, as well as explain what she could do– outside of the work she had already done. The goal was to both get new clients, and keep existing ones.

Project Scope & Objectives

» There needed to be a website designed, coded and uploaded.

» It was imperative to work on all screen types.

» There was already a logo that the new site would use.

The Process

Step 1 Design research for colors, photography, typography and overall feel for the design.

Step 2 Wireframe created to visualize the foundation of the site, and then used to write the copy for the site.

Step 3 Upon acceptance of the wireframe, the design was created directly with code – making it easy to see how the site was working on different screens in real time. This made it quick to try different fonts and colors globaly on the site by changing a few lines of code.

Step 4 Art Directed photoshoot

Step 5 Put site together with correct images and text.

Step 6 Site uploaded, and final revisions made.

Image research
During research for imagery of the site, I found a stock photo (upper right) that I used to guide the founder for her photograph. It guided in the coloring of the clothing and where and how the tagline could be placed. This was used to art direct the photographer and client.

Rationale for Design Solutions

Colors Were kept subdued and classic.

Design The client had a really nice logo in the font Didot which would be used, so I needed to choose fonts that would pair well with it. The fonts to be used, needed to be free.

Typography The font Georgia is able to be used for free, and it worked well with the pre-existing logo. It was paired with a simple sans serif, Open Sans.

Photography Having found the sample image and written a sample text, I was able to art direct the photographer, and client so that the headline would be readable on different screen sizes. This included making sure her wardrobe and the background were light-colored so that the headline could be read on all screen sizes. (see image)

Images A screen grab from a television newscast and logos from well-known companies added immediate credibility.

The Solution

With previous work as a magazine designer and art director I learned the art of telling a story. I used this experience to guide the client in defining her company. Features included:

✓ A fully responsive website to engage present and future clients.

✓ A new engaging unique photo of the owner on the top banner.

✓ One page site in order to minimise the need for clicks.

✓ A new way to showcase her large body of work.

The Contributers

Content Stine Lyndgaard

Photography Sean Smith

Design & Code Marci Papineau Gottlieb

My Role

» Product Development
» Art Direction
» Design
» Code

Skills Utilized

» Coding and Designing Directly in the Browser
» Frontend Development
» Graphic Design
» Rapid Prototyping
» Responsive and Mobile First Code & Design
» Wireframing

Tech Used

» Adobe Creative Cloud » Bootstrap » CSS » FTP Servers » Git » HTML » Google Fonts » Visual Studio Code

Wireframe to final product
The wireframe On the left shows the foundation of how the site will be created. It was used to write the copy for the site. On the right you can see how seamlessly the wireframe converted the final website.
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